Survey Details and Prize Draw Conditions

Prize Draw Conditions

  1. The Prize Draw closes at midnight 2nd March 2019.
  2. Only one entry to the draw per person. Members of NFC committee are excluded from Draw.
  3. Entrants must have completed part of the Full Survey and ticked the Prize Draw entry box in the survey to enter the draw.
  4. Entries without a contact email address or telephone number will be discarded.
  5. The draw will be made by two committee members of NFC within 7 days. Five eligible entries will be selected at random and these winners informed within 7 days. Any vouchers unclaimed after 15 days will be transferred to another randomly choosen entrant. 
  6. Five vouchers to the value of £10 will be awarded. 
  7. Vouchers may be redeemed in shops and businesses in the Newport & Wormit area who have agreed to support the prize draw. The NFC Treasurer will arrange payment to the value of the voucher to the relevant business.
  8. Results of the Draw award will be posted on the NFC website and facebook page. Winners may choose to have their names kept annonymous publicly but NFC Treasurer will keep a record of the prize draw awards.
  9. The decision of the NFC committee officers conducting the Draw will be final.

Survey Procedures

  1. The Survey will be conducted by members of NFC committee.
  2. The online data will be kept on a computer under password protection using the Google Forms system.
  3. The personal contact information for the associated Prize Draw will be deleted within 15 days of all the prize draw awards being given out.
  4. Any personal information will be deleted from the online and document copy of the raw data.
  5. A downloaded copy of the data collected will be kept on a secure computer (pass word protected file). This will exclude any personal information about the prize Draw entrants.
  6. Online survey and raw data copy files will be kept for up to 12 months.
  7. Reports based on this survey data will be prepared by the NFC lead researcher (T.Turvey) and cross checked for accuracy by other members of NFC committee.
  8. Where possible an independant other researcher will cross check the reports for accuracy. Raw data may be shared for the purposes of this independant report audit.
  9. Copies of the Survey Reports will be posted on NFC website and shared with other relevant individuals and groups including local Councillors and community council members; Fife Council and Sustrans staff. All final reports should be publicly available on the website for at least 12 months.
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